Episode 03: When You Need A Helping Hand


“If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can convince him, maybe you can take advantage of… Elvis Cannon”

Rev. Elvis Cannon – Darrell Glasgow
Grace Elizabeth – Brittany Proia

Errol Bigby – Michael Fentin

Jessie Vega/ Jeanette Brody – Lesley Rotonto

Alexis Lockette – Dondrie Burnham

Jorge Mesa – Gregory Partsinevelos

Anderson Brody – Mike Thomas

Coffee – Toi Williams

Lola – Noriko Sato

Handsome Man – Jake Staley

Young Man – Benjamin Williamson


Director/Writer – Christopher Wynn
Asst. Director – Jake Staley, Phil Smith
Editor – Up On The Onderdonk
Set Cat on set – Eddie ‘the dude’