The Rainy Woman – A Thoughtless Parable – March 29, 2013


The Rainy Woman walked along the path with her own personal rain cloud following on an otherwise bright and sunny day. She was well protected from her cloud: black raincoat, black rain hat, black rain boots, a black scarf, black gloves and of course her wide black umbrella that protected her from the endless stream of water continuously pouring on her everywhere she traveled.

A Drifter spotted her walking alone on the path. In contrast to the Rainy Woman, the Drifter had nothing; no possessions, no motivation, no destination, nothing, but a sunny day on an otherwise cloudy life.

“Rainy Woman?” The Drifter gathered enough courage to say aloud, never expecting such a person to acknowledge him, a nobody, even on an empty road. To his joy  she turned to the Drifter, her face shielded by the mist from the rain. “Rainy Woman, why are you so sad on such a beautiful day?” The Drifter asked, surprised by his sudden burst of boldness.

The Drifter backs away as The Rainy Woman moved closer, but thinks better of  his fear,  for what should someone who has nothing ever fear from anyone with anything? The Rainy Woman stopped her advance just as the edge of  her cloud was only a wisp of the wind away from the Drifter. The Rainy Woman lowered her umbrella, removed her hat and scarf, and allowed the rain to fall onto her hair and face. What the Drifter saw surprised him… when he expected to see someone like him: a sorrowful person, ugly and aged by the hopelessness of existence, he saw a beautiful woman filled with inner strength and determination.

“Everyone I come across assumes I am sad, Drifter, but that cannot be farther from the truth”, The Rainy Woman said, her voice moving with the wind. “You see,  I will not hide away from my sorrow, Drifter. It falls onto me randomly and constantly like drops of water falling through the air, but with a little bit of help…” and the Rainy Woman raised her umbrella above her once more, shielding her from the downpour of her personal rain cloud. “…I will be shielded from my sorrow, yet always reminded that they are there. They may fall around me until the end of time, but I will not be deterred from my path or my purpose.  My reason for being” the Rainy Woman continued. ” You should join me, Drifter,  where your sadness will never affect you, but will never be forgotten.

“Rainy Woman…” the Drifter responded near shaking at the Rainy Woman’s words. “What you’re saying sounds wonderful.  You see I have nothing, and nowhere to go. I have no people, I have no purpose. All I have is sorrow!

The Rainy Woman extended her hand, a gesture The Drifter had almost forgotten the feeling of acceptance,  and did not even hesitate in refusing her hand. “There is no rain today, Drifter. Only the warm sun basking all who would accept its rays of hope. Allow me to carry your sorrow with you, until you can accept your sadness. For your sake, Drifter, enjoy the sun.

With that, The Rainy Woman donned her hat, her face vanished into the mist, and she continued on her path. The Drifter watched her as she went, with a new understanding. An undiscovered sense of purpose.  A new appreciation of hope.

by Christopher Wynn