We Are Prize Fighters – July 21, 2015


We Are Prize Fighters…

Our lives are simple. They mean everything to us and nothing at the same time.
Excuse me, our lives our complex.
Our lives our simple to us. The simple minded suicide kings perhaps out for a little more than celebrity and success.
Hit us in the body, counter hit us in the head, hit us below the belt, and we will keep coming back for more. Part of the game is to take these hits from all directions; left, right, up down, sideways and inside out. We take them, stay on our feet, and keep coming back for more. That is the only way to win the prize.
We are Prize Fighters.
We hope this year will be a better year. Attack it with a positive attitude, goals laid out for each quarter, and continuously reminding oneself that the only thing holding ourselves back is ourselves. We do not talk about what is out of our control, because it is our choice to step into the ring, but not our choice if the ring falls apart around us once we do.
We are Prize Fighters.
What’s that cliche? “Keep your eyes on the prize.” Sounds like not letting a little thing like everyday life interfere with your goals. Yes, we have to shoulder the job, the significant other, the family and the rise and fall of all of it, but we also have to shoulder ourselves and what we want to accomplish.
We are Prize Fighters.
What’s that idiom? “Come out fighting or come out swinging” Just get out there! Because much like getting in the ring, shouldering the burden of ones chosen art is not arena for cowards.
We are Prize Fighters.
What’s that figure of speech? “You got to roll with the punches”.

by Christopher Wynn
July 21, 2015