Questionably Better – April 3, 2014


Everything seems to come on delay as we put together this compa…well, I don’t see how we are really a company yet, with two dedicated guys and some interested and talented friends, all with questionably better things to do on any given day. Let’s call is a “Mission” for now, for arguments sake, so let’s start over…

Everything seems to come on delay as we put together this mission of creation including this note I decided to write talking about the writing process which began late last August…it’s April. I have recently finished a re-write of the 3rd episode of The House of Cannon series and am knee deep in the creation of the 4th I am so unbelievably frustrated as how slow this process is going. Now, I have been a frustrated writer for over ten years and I have never felt more accomplished at it until recently, but all I can think about is how much better I could be doing, how I could be getting these out faster. One, they are too long at 30-40 pages each episode; Two, they are getting complicated and character heavy and soon to be a little to location heavy, Three, okay I cannot really think of a three, but these are my frustrations and I feel I can make a list of ten complaints that honestly nobody wants to hear or read about, and even more honestly, I don’t like to talk or write about it, but they are there, and I will not ignore them.

I cannot be happier with what we are doing, no matter what this is turning out to be. I feel this process is teaching me how to be a better story teller, which with this vivid imagination of mine has been such a long time passion for as long as I can remember. Second guessing myself has been the bane of my existence as a writer, so I have been doing a lot less of that with this project, which is a big reason why each episode is as long as it is.

As for episode 3, I have started to expand on the story within the story so this story actually goes somewhere. I have the characters, the cantankerous Elvis Cannon and capriccios Grace-Elizabeth, two extensions of my personality, now I have to find interesting ways to slowly but surely destroy them in a journey the reader/watcher will enjoy. Production wise this may be a problem since we are jumping from four characters to eleven, from two locations to six and I do not want to even get into the potential costumes, props and make-up this episode as is will require, and as I keep writing it is only going to get worse. My co-producer tells me to keep going despite the possible road blocks, so that is exactly what I am doing.