Brain Food – July 18, 2015


Coffee and bagels, the brain food of champions…

We had a successful 2nd read thru today (with a newly cast actress for one of the roles), 1st rehearsal for the 2nd episode of the series. I am anxious to keep the ball rolling with this project so it is necessary to stay emphatic with the need to rehearse because getting around people’s schedules is a chore all on its own.

As the writer/director I need to be more matter of fact about what I need from each performance from the cast and each moment in the script. These rehearsals will be important to truly get each actor on the same page as me and hopefully this will make for even easier shooting this time around, although I am using the word “easily” very loosely.

Although the cast size remains manageable, this is a much busier episode then the last, and that trend more then likely will continue from one episode to another and will test the resolve of Darrell and I in our role as producers. Costumes, including a pregnant suit, car rentals and church decorations just to name a few of the items necessary to acquire. We were not officially prop prepared for the 1st episode, we do not want to repeat the same mistakes.