In Times of Ignorance – July 20, 2014


It is good to be busy, fantastic even, in these days who has the right to complain about being busy when so many wishes they can just get a small piece of that…save the lazy. You are busy then all you think about is your next break, then you have a break, and maybe you’re not making as much money or maybe you’re just plain bored, but you start longing for the days where you’re always moving, and you feel productive…it’s a vicious cycle. We have our eight hours, but we are not as busy in these dog days of summer, yet we have a lot to accomplish, and this is one of those days that we take the time, our own unpaid time, to busy on its side and make something of ourselves…as ludicrous as that might sound.

The website is coming together, and I think I have been using that phrase, “coming together”, way too much and way too loosely, and if I can think of any better metaphors before I am done writing this then we will all be happy but if you are currently suffering through this have faith that right now we are both wishing I majored in English instead of theatre. Anyway, it is coming along, we have a cut of episode one for ‘The House of Cannon’ waiting for our final edit, which we are experimenting with using an eight minute excerpt from said episode for the website as I write this. So it is coming together. We are keeping ourselves busy, and it is fun, truly…especially when we tackle probably the most difficult part of this entire process from filming to editing so far, and that is sound.

We have had to re-cut this entire episode, basically from scratch, after spending near two months at adobe premiere like a wide eyed kindergartner, because of sound. We have to re-shoot nearly half of episode two, because of sound, and now we sit here on our “off day” spending grueling monotonous hours attempting to nibble at professional quality all the while not having much of a clue save common sense…and common sense is a dangerous weapon in these times of ignorance.

Audio clip mixer, audio track mixer, panner, crossfade, constant gain, constant power, exponential fade, keyframes…words or terms that are just that until you put them into practice. Moms and dads, your sons may be poor, at times suffer from the common American syndrome known as laziness, but we continue to become more knowledgeable people at something we love to do, and that means something.