Up on the Onderdonk


Up on the



Welcome to the new gentrified melting pot of Ridgewood, Queens!!  It is here a few of us like minded folks thought up an idea and decided to run with it, and just like our adopted neighborhood we want to be we’re everybody is moving in order to save some money…not to say that we are cheap, just poor.

Don’t feel sorry for us because we’re starving artists, exhausted, waiting for someone else to give us an opportunity, feel sorry for us because we’re from Detroit. For we no longer wait on some grubstaking benefactor heralding, with an olive branch, the stemming of the waters. Onderdonk is our world, and here we make our own opportunities.

We don’t have goals so much as ideas and like any good idea you gotta wrassle with it, strip it down, smack it in the ass, and smother it in Crisco to get it cooking.

We cannot promise what you find here will be good. We cannot promise there won’t be mistakes. We can promise, however, an honest attempt to challenge what little audience we may reach and an open forum for criticism. For how else can we expect to improve at our craft and nurture true communication? Please join us in our hubris and growing debt as we attempt the vain pursuit of creation.

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